Who Is United Exchange USA?

United Exchange USA is a leading Northeastern liquidation service agency for personal, commercial and industrial heavy equipment and machinery items. We specialize in locating buyers for many types of used and unused heavy equipment and machinery items for various clients.

The United Exchange USA Story

Our company began in 2007, when local friends and associates expressed the difficulty and time consumption it took to advertise, manage and maintain a campaign to liquidate their items. We began to realize that not only was this effecting our local friends and associates, but that this could be a problem among many sellers in the area.

In 2012, we began our initial launch of our company United Exchange USA and began structuring campaigns to fit the needs of the ever-changing market place in heavy equipment and machinery liquidation. United Exchange USA leverages selling efforts by providing a personal and professional touch by combining old and new advertising management methods such as word-of-mouth and the development of campaigns on social media by advertising to targeted groups on multiple platforms such as: Facebook, Craigslist and LinkedIn. Our mission and focus is to strive for a personal atmosphere in our transactions while providing professional advice and service to the sellers and buyers of items. We work with the sellers to ensure their heavy equipment and machinery items are being advertised correctly and with the buyers to assist them in their advancement throughout the purchase process.

Our goal is to locate a qualified buyer for your heavy equipment or machinery item and ensure a smooth transaction with hopes the buyer will also work with us to sell their next item. We’ve experienced with many of our transactions that buyers do become sellers with United Exchange USA based largely on the quality of work and support they feel we provided throughout their heavy equipment or machinery item purchase.

In terms of other services we provide, we understand it is tough for buyers to be fully financed at times. United Exchange USA can help by recommending our buyers to seek financial assistance and support from industry specific financial advisers who we know and trust. As far as shipping, we assist buyers by providing reliable shipping and handling recommendation contacts to aid in transportation issues that may occur. If a buyer does not have a way to transport their purchase we can recommend options for transportation who we trust will get the job done.

Why Consign With United Exchange USA To Sell Your Heavy Equipment Or Machinery?

1. Simply put, It’s a great satisfaction when you can sell your heavy equipment or machinery in a timely manner and for the most money. Most serious buyers focus locally to save time and shipping cost when purchasing heavy equipment and machinery. Tap into our robust local and ever growing construction equipment selling network to quickly help uncover the right buyer searching for your equipment. It’s been our experience local/regional sales tend to be much faster and easier to complete. They typically result in fewer buyer objections and better over all offers. It’s not uncommon to realize a final sale price pay out average of 12% or more money for your heavy equipment or machinery item when sold.

2. Get experienced, personal and professional, “we do all the hard work for you” agency service of handling the entire liquidation process. Service such as collecting and editing the “right” heavy equipment or machinery photos. Item detail, market and pricing research. Crafting and managing attractive Ad campaigns designed to capture buyer interest with equipment and machinery needs specific to your item. We handle all buyer inquires, schedule showings and inspections. Assist with buyer funding and shipping recommendations and arrangements all the way to closing of your items final sale and payment!

3. You maintain control. Your heavy equipment or machinery stays right where it is. In your possession! Our agency service focuses heavily on project transparency, cost savings and customer convenience while working to promote, locate and secure an acceptable fair market offer for your heavy equipment or machinery item that is being offered for sale. No listing, shipping, storage or inspection fees as associated within most auction platforms or sealed storage location methods.

4. Big company or small personal sale. Our focus is directed to helping people and businesses successfully sell there heavy equipment and machinery for the most money as fast as possible. Relationships and personal service matter most to us. Many of our clients are repete customers. A sure way to know weather or not you should use United Exchange USA to liquidate your Heavy equipment or machinery items would be to spend your valuable effort, energy, time and funding using all the others and when they fail you, use ours.

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Your Leading Northeastern Heavy Equipment and Machinery Liquidation Agency Service

If you want to sell your heavy equipment or machinery contact us. We’re a popular and ever expanding resource buyers use when searching for heavy equipment and machinery items. United Exchange USA will work with you to ensure your heavy equipment or machinery item advertisement targets the right audience and your heavy equipment or machinery may be sold in a matter of days! Do you have what they need? Call us and find out!

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