Project Description

Grove 28 Ton Crane. 1985 Grove RT 528B 28 ton rough terrain crane with 425 hours. The engine is an 8.2 liter 4 cylinder Detroit diesel with 130 horse power. The transmission is a remote mounted power shift with 6 forward and 6 reverse gears. The maximum forward speed is 23.2 mph. The operating weight of the crane is 54’200 pounds. The boom of the crane has 3 sections. It has a minimum height max raise angle of 32 feet. It has a maximum height max raise angle of 110 feet with no jib. The maximum lift capacity for the Grove 28 ton RT 528B rough terrain crane is 56’000 pounds. The minimum operating radius is 10 feet. The maximum operating radius is 70 feet and the maximum elevating angle is 75 degrees. There is a 4 sheave block. The cranes length is 34.9 feet long and has a width of 8.8 feet and a height of 11′ feet 1″ inches. With outriggers extended the crane is 18.4 feet wide.