Project Description

Lube Truck Body.  Harrell’s lube body 2011 model. It was formally mounted onto a 1999 Kenworth T 300 2 axle truck. The axle spacing was 19′ feet 5″ inches and there was a cab to center of rear axle spacing distance of 13′ feet 9″ inches.  The lube truck body is equipped with several tank compartments. There is an 800 gallon diesel fuel tank and here is also has a 120 gallon oil compartment tank, along with a 120 gallon hydraulic fluid compartment tank, a recovery tank, an antifreeze tank and a 90 gallon used oil and water tank. It’s also equipped with a gas powered air compressor that’s powered by with an 11 hp Honda engine. There is also a 15 gallon grease drum. There are 6 storage compartments and 6 service reels mounted along the rear of the body. The lube truck body is in good clean used condition and ready to be used.