Project Description

Rough Terrain Crane. 1987 Grove model RT 58B with 848 hours. The engine is a 8.2 liter Detroit diesel and the transmission is a power shift with 6 forward gears and 6 reverse gears. It has a maximum forward speed of 23.7 mph. The operating weight of the crane is 43’345 pounds. The boom of the crane has 3 sections. It has a minimum height max raise angle of 30 feet. It has a maximum height max raise angle of 66 feet with no jib. The maximum lift capacity for the Grove RT 58B rough terrain crane is 20’000 pounds and has a swing speed is 2.9 rpm. The minimum operating radius is 12 feet. The maximum operating radius is 55 feet and the maximum elevating angle is 75 degrees. There is a 2 sheave block. The cranes length is 30.42 feet long and has a width of 8 feet and a height of 10′ feet 5″ inches. With outriggers extended the crane is 15.92 feet.

Was $20’000… Now offered at $17’000